Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Northwest Zoo & Aquarium Alliance Resources!

NEW Backyard Habitat Website
The NW Zoo & Aquarium Alliance—of which Woodland Park Zoo is a member—has created a comprehensive website dedicated to providing you with detailed information and resources as you continue providing habitat for wildlife in your backyard, schoolyard or community garden: http://www.nwzaa.org/project-pages/backyard.html

Certify your Yard with Three Partners!
The NW Zoo & Aquarium Alliance (NWZAA) has joined forces with National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) to offer partner certification for certifying your backyard wildlife habitat. You fill out one application and are certified by three organizations! For more information and links on how to certify, checkout NWAA's website: http://www.nwzaa.org/project-pages/backyard15.html Already certified with NWF and/or WDFW? Contact NWZAA Backyard Habitat Coordinator Jenny Mears at jenny.mears@zoo.org or 206-548-2557 for your FREE NWZAA certification package!

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