Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Northwest Zoo & Aquarium Alliance Resources!

NEW Backyard Habitat Website
The NW Zoo & Aquarium Alliance—of which Woodland Park Zoo is a member—has created a comprehensive website dedicated to providing you with detailed information and resources as you continue providing habitat for wildlife in your backyard, schoolyard or community garden: http://www.nwzaa.org/project-pages/backyard.html

Certify your Yard with Three Partners!
The NW Zoo & Aquarium Alliance (NWZAA) has joined forces with National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) to offer partner certification for certifying your backyard wildlife habitat. You fill out one application and are certified by three organizations! For more information and links on how to certify, checkout NWAA's website: http://www.nwzaa.org/project-pages/backyard15.html Already certified with NWF and/or WDFW? Contact NWZAA Backyard Habitat Coordinator Jenny Mears at jenny.mears@zoo.org or 206-548-2557 for your FREE NWZAA certification package!

Duwamish River Boat Tour in August!

When: Tuesday, August 11th from 7:30 to 9:30 pm
Cost: $20 per person

Join Woodland Park Zoo staff, volunteers and past Backyard Habitat workshop participants on a boat tour of the Duwamish River! Make community connections beyond your backyard to the greater Duwamish ecosystem. You'll learn about the cultural and natural history of the river, pollution hotspots and habitat restoration opportunities with the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition. We'll also search for wildlife such as eagles, ospreys, seals and otters.

To register, download the registration form from Woodland Park Zoo's website: http://www.zoo.org/educate/adult/workshops.html

Questions? Contact Jenny Mears at jenny.mears@zoo.org or 206-548-2557.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Follow Julie's Backyard Journal!

Julie attended Woodland Park Zoo's Backyard Habitat workshop in October 2006 and since then has been journaling the progress she's made in her yard. She recently decided to put those journal entries in a blog in order to share tips and inspiration with those interested in creating habitat in their own yards. Here's a sample from her first entry:

The birth of an obsession? Such a little thing. I was sitting out back reading when I heard the oddest whirring sound coming from near the maple. I almost didn’t see it, sitting near the top of the tree almost hidden between sun dappled leaves. It was a little shimmery green bird. It’s head flicked from side to side searching. Then, a little jewel hurled from a sling shot, it was down below in the salvia. It stayed for quite a while seeming to sip from every blue bloom on every arching stem before taking off over the fence.

Want more? Check out Julie's Backyard Journal!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 18th: Be Garden Wise: Linking Horticulture and Plant Invasions

WHEN: Thursday, June 18th / 6:00 – 9:00pm
WHERE: Douglas classroom, UW Botanic Gardens (Center for Urban Horticulture) at the University of Washington
INSTRUCTORS: Marty Wingate, Dr. Sarah Reichard , Dana Coggon and Dr. Lizbeth Seebacher
FEE: $25

Some plants may look beautiful, but non-native invasive plants can have a devastating effect on your garden and the biodiversity of surrounding natural areas. Come learn about invasive plant identification, impacts, pathways, control and alternatives from the region’s horticultural experts. Learn what you can do to stop the invasion. Look forward to a panel discussion with the speakers and Master Gardeners at the tail end of the workshop. Two of our experts will also have their books available for signing.

TO REGISTER: Register at: www.pnw-ipc.org under the Be Garden Wise: Linking Horticulture and Plant Invasions icon. You can mail a check to the address listed or pay upon arrival on the evening of the workshop. You can also visit www.uwbotanicgardens.org under Public Education to download a registration form. Please contact info@pnw-ipc.org with any questions.